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The Team


I am what you would call an Audiophile.My one and only pet is a Double Yellow Headed Amazon parrot named Hercules, He too is an audiophile. Together we enjoy listening to music almost every night in the listening room. I got started in stereos when I was a teenager like many of us. A friend of my parents gave me a pair of these huge tower speakers and one of those all in one radio, 8 track players and turntable units. I continuously hunted for newer and better gear. Now I finally have a system that younger me could have only dreamed of.


I am a music junkie.

Growing up I was exposed to many different types of music. From the hard hitting bass heavy hip-hop and pop, to powerful air guitar solo inducing rock, and back around to the smooth rich melodies of instrumental classics. The one thing I always looked for in a song was a feeling and what picture the artist trying to convey. When a song clicked with me I would get a wave of nerves running through my body that excited it like a pulse of electricity. I constantly find myself searching for new sounds and music that gives me that rush and feeling I got when I knew a song had that thing that makes it more than words and notes.

Check out my weekly top 5 for songs that I believe will give you that same excitement.


Hercules is what Hifi Chicken is all about. He is a Double yellow headed Amazon Parrot. Hercules loves music, his favorite genres are Jazz and Classical. His loves sitting in the music room every night and enjoying his favorites such as Tchaikovsky or Micheal Jackson

Hercules is currently 16 years old and living his best life.


Jen is our administrative extraordinaire. Jen handles editing, marketing, budgets and much more. She has a bachelors in Business Administration and Human Resources.
Jen is a music lover and fits in perfectly at Hifi Chicken. Jen loves attending live shows and has been since a young age. While she enjoys a wide range of music her favorite artist is MGK.