(NEWS) Ibex Audio and Genesis in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Woodinville, WA – Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc. (Genesis) is proud and honored to announce a partnership with IBEX AUDIO GmbH for the distribution of Genesis loudspeakers and other products in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Genesis has been producing high-end loudspeakers since 1991 in the USA. The current Genesis products are proudly made in Woodinville in the State of Washington, U.S.A.

Genesis is famous for reference-level line-source loudspeakers with servo-controlled bass and ribbon tweeters. The Genesis Ring-Radiator Ribbon Tweeter (GR3T) is a planar-magnetic ring-radiator that has been frequently called “the world’s best”. The Genesis servo-controlled bass has been under constant development since its introduction by the original founder of Genesis in 1968 and improved and evolved by the current Chief Designer and CEO Gary Leonard Koh.

Ibex Audio has been distributing high-end audio products since 2011 from Heidenheim, Germany. It has a current network of dealers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In addition to Genesis, Ibex Audio also represents TechDAS, IKEDA, JMF Audio, Oracle Audio, Engström, and Viva Audio just to name a few. Ibex Audio is run by Managing Director Nicole Hannig with her husband Michael.

“I am delighted that Nicole and Michael Hannig have agreed to represent Genesis in Germany,” said Gary. “We first met 10 years ago during High-End Munich, and have stayed in touch over the past many years. I don’t appoint dealers or distributors easily as I would much prefer not to have a partner than to appoint a bad one. Ibex is perfect as they also have passion for music and a great complement of partnering gear.”

“Having already a very sound portfolio of highly selected brands we were not looking to add another brand at this point of time especially as we only add a brand if and when we are totally convinced about performance, craftsmanship, and reliability of the product in question,” said Nicole. “But even more important for us is having the same mindset with the people behind the brand. Genesis and Gary Koh have our utmost respect and we are proud and honored to be selected”.

“This year is also a great time to start our relationship as we have a new series of products that could turn out to be the perfect entry for the market,” continued Gary. “I’ve been pushing the State-of-the-Art in our flagship and reference loudspeakers over the past 20 years. But they have become increasingly unaffordable. I’m very glad to find some like-minded people in Nicole and Michael to help me bring these new products to a new audience.”

The launch products for the partnership will be all-new Genesis® 7-series loudspeakers. This brand new G7-series feature trickle-down technology developed for the flagship and reference series products in a more pocketbook-friendly package.

The original G7-series started as bookshelf speakers in 2005: the G7c (Convertible) was designed by Arnie Nudell, followed by the G7p (Petite) designed by Gary, his design successor in Genesis. A floor-standing G7f with servo-controlled bass was launched in 2010 and won Best of Innovations for Home Theater Speakers at the 2010 International CES. (picture of award) The original line was retired in 2018.

With world-wide demand for a gateway loudspeaker into the Genesis line, Gary Koh developed the new G7-series over the past 4 years. Prototypes introduced at the Pacific Audiofest in June 2023 captivated fans and press alike. The smallest of the series – the G7 Minuet – was shown at the Capital Audiofest in November 2023 and garnered “Best in Show” from Enjoy The Music.com and the HiFi Chicken.

Gary completely re-imagined the original G7f design with the new G7 Foxtrot. To maintain Genesis bass quality without servo-controlled amplified woofers, Gary used two 8-inch woofers working in an isobaric configuration to achieve his goals of tight, articulate, and dynamic bass.

“I design for music, and not just to measurements or specifications,” said Gary. “I wanted the great ‘Genesis bass’ but without needing a power-cord for the loudspeaker. I prefer the sound of a sealed speaker, but I wanted more. Remembering the impressive Linn Isobarik loudspeakers that a friend owned when I was in university in London, I started exploring in that direction.  It doesn’t look as impressive because one woofer is completely hidden, but it sounds better than two forward-firing woofers and can fit into a much smaller cabinet.”

“With Genesis, we are not only adding a highly reputable brand but a brand with quite some unique selling points: we are observing that people are more and more looking for speakers that nicely integrate into the living room, aesthetically and sound-wise. A sealed design that does not require big and heavy amps for sounding great and the possibility to adjust the speakers to the room acoustics at home in the analog domain rather than to treat the room with often intrusive-looking absorbers and diffusers is the way to go,” said Michael.

The new G7-series was also designed to be environment- and family-friendly. Eco-friendly, low-VOC Plyboo (bamboo-based plywood) replaced the expensive and resource-consuming constrained-layer carbon fiber composite sandwich used in the reference and flagship loudspeakers. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass and is much more sustainable than the plywood and mdf previously used. Water-based glues and a hand-rubbed plant-based finish are used – resulting in a loudspeaker that does not contribute to indoor air pollution and lowers the risk of chemical exposure.

“The new Genesis 7-series comes at an extremely high price-to-value on top of all that technology, which makes it a ‘best buy’ in our view,” Nicole concluded.

More information will be available at https://www.genesisloudspeakers.com/ and https://ibex-audio.eu/

About Genesis Advanced Technologies

Genesis Advanced Technologies is a leading developer of high-end luxury loudspeaker and amplifier systems with a commitment to absolute fidelity™ in product, service and performance. Genesis develops loudspeaker systems, amplifiers and accessories for music lovers worldwide.

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About Ibex Audio

IBEX AUDIO is a Germany-based importer and EU-distributor of highly selected brands of high-end audio and driven by a strong passion for music.

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