What We Don’t Review

This page is dedicated to things we haven’t reviewed and the reason for that. One of the things that make it hard to trust reviews is that they seem to always be positive and I want to talk about that from my perspective. I can not say why other publications do and do not review certain products or why they say what they say. I can say though how we work.

To understand how I write my reviews, you need to understand how I rate a product. Mathematically you can’t have more than half of the products above average. However, you will see that most of the products I have reviewed are done so positively. The reason for this is twofold, companies that make bad products tend not to send stuff out, I have asked for cheap stuff and companies tend not to respond or won’t send their lowest-tier stuff out. Second, I rate products more on their value than anything else, for example, is this product good for the price more than is it just good? Nearly every product has a buyer so what one person thinks is good or good enough can be different from you or me. A great example is Beats Headphones, I think they are horribly overpriced and unbalanced, but that doesn’t make them a bad product outright. Their sales prove that the product has a market and is good enough for tons of people. I have also listened to 5-dollar headphones that were certainly better than 5 dollars, but they were not anywhere near the quality of my Meze 99 Classics so how do you rate them, I say they are good value and if your budget is 5 dollars then they are good for 5 dollars. I hope this makes sense.

The last point I want to make is that we do not make any money from reviews. I have turned down payments, as well as whole companies that want reviews and advertisements. The list of partners on our site are companies that have offered free products for us to give away to readers or one of the first companies to believe in Hifi Chicken when we were no one. Ortofon sent out the 2M red when I was no one in the industry and for their trust, I offered to put their link and logo in the partner’s area, they didn’t ask for it, this goes for everyone there, but no one can pay for a position in the partner’s page.

Below will be a list of any and all products that we have an opportunity to review but choose not to and the reason why.