Community Terms and Conditions

Please read the and understand the following terms and conditions for the community and vendors.


  • The community is free to joins and use for anyone
  • groups can be created by any user
    • group content should remain on topic for groups purpose
  • no derogatory language should be used on any profile, group, vendor page, etc. including but not limited to language attacking racial identity, religious beliefs, gender or sexual identity, political affiliation, or any other personal and individual traits or qualities. Hifi Chicken reserves the right to permanently ban anyone who breaks community guidelines.
  • Groups should be audio/visual related other than the general group
  • No group should be made to promote one self or affiliation to an outside entity, unless it is an approved vendor group.


  • All vendors will need to be approved by Hifi Chicken Staff
  • Non approved vendors shall not make vendor related groups
  • Non Approved vendors shall not make promotional posts in groups unless it directly related to a previous discussion.
  • Vendors shall not list products or services that are not related to Audio, Video, or Music
  • Vendors are not permitted to list products or services that may be considered explicit without an explicit content warning or over age of 18 warning.
  • Hifi Chicken takes no responsibility for products sold, bought or traded. All conflicts regarding items or moneys exchanged must be handled between the vendor and purchaser directly. Any instances that are believed to be abuse or fraud should be brought to The Hifi Chicken Staffs’ attention as soon as possible.
  • Hifi Chicken takes no responsibility for shipping of products sold, bought or traded.
  • Hifi Chicken takes no responsibility for miss labeled or misleading sales posts. Though if evidence is provided it will be used to terminated a vendors permissions and status if it is shown the sales post was intentionally false or misleading.
    • all items being sold “as is, for parts, or unknown condition” are not covered by any warranty expressed or implied by Hifi Chicken or Vendor unless otherwise stated. Unless a product is grossly misrepresented, it understood that is buy at own risk.
  • Individuals selling their own items must abide by all above guidelines
    • individuals may sell personal items free of charge from Hifi Chicken or any of it’s subsidiaries.
  • Commercial Vendors will be charged a percentage of sales based on agreements reached with The Hifi Chicken.

For questions or concerns please contact The Hifi Chicken staff, or your sales rep at any time. We will be happy to help in any way we can.