2019 Audiophile Holiday Gift Guide

If you have an audiophile on you shopping list you may wonder what to get them. We are have put together an audiophile gift guide to help you. Below we listed out some different items in varying price ranges to fit almost any budget. Lets get into the Hifi Chicken 2019 audiophile holiday gift guide.

$50 or less gift guide

Kanto H1 Headphone Stand $30

Most audiophiles have a couple sets of headphones. None us really like just tossing them on our desk or media center. A headphone stand is always a good budget gift. There are quite a few different options out there. The Kanto should work with just about any pair of headphones.

kanto headphone stand

Audio Quest Record Brush $23

Any vinyl addict out there will love a record bush, even if they have one already. They can get a little worn over time and be less effective. I personally have an Audio Quest brush and it works great. It will make for an awesome stocking stuffer.

audio quest record brush

Speaker Spike Kit $24

Speaker spikes are an easy way to make your speakers sound better. These are perfect for a set of bookshelf speakers and include everything you need for two speakers. I have these ones myself. They are also adjustable in height in case your surface is not perfectly flat or level.


Anything from the Hifi Chicken Online store

Everything we have in the store is less than 50 bucks and perfect for your favorite audiophile.

hifi chicken hoodie audiophile gift

$100 or less gift guide.

Next up on our 2019 Audiophile Holiday gift guide, the $100 or less budget.

Spin Clean Record Cleaner $80

If your special audiophile has an ageing record collection or even is a fan of digging through the crates at the local resale shop, there is a good chance some of those records are a little to dirty for a brush. For those records there is the Spin Clean, an easy to use record deep cleaner.

spin clean

Kanto 9 inch Speaker Stands $70

If your friend or family member has their monitors just sitting on their desk, these may be a good option to get them up to the optimal listings position. These should hold just about any small monitor or passive speaker.

kanto 9 inch stands

Audio Quest Golden Gate aux cord $80

This high quality aux cord is perfect for anyone connecting their phone or laptop to their system with a cable. This will also work in most cars, assuming they have an auxiliary port. Audio Quest offers plenty of awesome cables for almost any application if your audiophile already has a good aux cord.

audioquest aux cord

$500 Gift Guide

If you have a good chunk of change to spend this year on gifts for someone here is the audiophile holiday gift guide for 500 dollars or less.

Audio Quest Dragonfly Cobalt DAC $300

The Dragonfly Cobalt is one of the most highly praised DAC’s on the market. It is perfect for the audiophile on the go or in the office. It plugs right into a computer’s USB port and overs a high quality DAC, which most computers lack. With an adapter it can also be used with most smart phones.

qudioquest dragonfly cobalt

Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge $236

The Ortofon 2M Blue is a fan favorite in the vinyl world. It provides excellent sound at a modest price. Ortofon is one of the most popular cartridge makers out there and they do not disappoint with the 2m Blue. Be sure to do some recon and make sure this is compatible with the turntable your gift recipient has.

ortofon 2m blue

Furman Elite 15i $460

You can never go wrong with protecting someone’s gear, The Elite 15i is a surge protector and power conditioner in one. It adds piece of mind that if there is ever an over voltage surge that their expensive components will be safe. With 7 outlets it should cover most peoples systems.

furman elite 151

That’s it for our 2019 audiophile holiday gift guide. We hope this helped you find the perfect gift this season. If you have anything else you think would make a great gift let us know.

When possible buy locally from your hometown audio shop this holiday season. If you are in or near Ohio be sure to check out Sound and Vision Inc. at one of three convenient locations. Link below for more information.

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