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 Audio Magic’s New CE Generators

Jerry Ramsey at Audio Magic has been developing novel products from innovative technologies for many years. Whether liquid conductor cables, or products ranging from Audio Fuses to Black Out Paint for circuit boards based on EMI/RFI absorbing materials, these products have been both successful, and to some extent, head-scratchers. True to form, Jerry’s latest creations, called CE Generators (“Clean Energy Generators” – $150 ea. or $399/3) are difficult to understand, but boy do they work.

A back story is in order: READ MORE

New Audioquest 48 Series HDMI Cables

With their new 48 Series Audioquest is upgrading their entire line of HDMI cables to meet the latest Ultra-High-Speed HDMI 2.1 standards developed to accommodate the next generation of 8k and even 10k video. Five new 48 Series models continue the previous model designations (Pearl 48, Forest 48, Cinnamon 48, etc.) and one new top model, Thunderbird, is added and incorporates the first use of Graphene that we are aware of in an HDMI design.

New 48Gig Wireworld Stellar
8K Optical HDMI 2.1 For Long Runs

The newest HDMI 2.1 specifications to accommodate the next generation of 8k video require a data rate of 48 Gigabits per second, which is difficult to maintain in conventional metal HDMI designs in lengths over a few meters. For longer lengths, to avoid loss, fiber optical cables are required. Some optical HDMI cables existed under the previous standard, but some of these have proven less reliable than metal HDMI cables, understandable because they contain complex electronics and lasers in addition to conductors.

HRS Now Shipping The New “Helix” Footers

Harmonic Resolution Systems (“HRS”) offers some of the highest performance racks and stands on the market. Not surprisingly they have developed footers to complement their isolation platforms and rack shelves. Their “statement” footers are called Vortex ($1430/set of 4) and are specifically designed for use with electronics using extremely rigid chassis. Great product for this application, whether or not you are using HRS racks/platforms. 
The new HLX-090 footers ($450/3) aka “Helix” offer much of the same performance characteristics and orientation to stiff chassis electronic designs, but in a much more cost-effective package.
Available for in-home audition through The Cable Company Library.

Grado Releasing Their First”True Wireless” Earphones
True Wireless earphones are quite the rage. True Wireless are earbuds that are not connected to each other or to the source component. Grado Labs is just about to begin shipping their own GT220 TWS true wireless earphones ($259). Given the manufacturer’s pedigree you can bet that these are going to be winners sonically. Designed to offer a neutral midrange and ample, well-defined bass response, the Grado’s offer 6 hours of battery life in the ‘buds themselves with another 30 hours available to recharge from the wireless charger/carrying case. All the modern functionality is in play: touch controls, voice assistant, answer calls, etc. Should be a winner!

Video Break: Concert at Sunrise AboveCappadocia Turkey

If you would like to take a break from your world for a few minutes, or for the entire 85 minute Ben Böhmer early morning electronic concert performance which took place in a hot air balloon above Cappadocia in Turkey, we invite you to try this link.
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