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Upgraded MKII Audio Circuits and Components Deliver A Higher Level of Acoustic Performance

Tokyo, Japan (April 19, 2021) – Rotel is thrilled to announce acoustic and performance upgrades to three of their award-winning integrated amplifier models in the 14 and 15 Series product lines. The upgrades include circuit design innovations and component level changes in key circuit locations, leveraging the design elements from the acclaimed Michi Series.

The A14MKII, RA-1572MKII and RA-1592MKII are the proud recipients of these acoustic upgrades and sonic improvements built from the Michi engineering efforts that were 3 years in the making.

The A14 is the flagship integrated amplifier model in Rotel’s 14 Series.  Building upon the successful and award winning A14, the new A14MKII upgrades include a new Texas Instruments Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) supporting 32bit, 384kHz audio complimented by 25 component changes in the DAC output filters. Power supply component changes were also implemented leveraging design strategies from Rotel’s Tribute models.  Additional circuit changes in the signal path circuits provide a richer and fuller audio performance with even more lifelike reproduction of the audio. 

The A14MKII supports all popular source inputs including aptXTM and AAC Bluetooth for wireless streaming, PC-USB up to 32bit 384kHz, MQA decoding and rendering, analog, digital and a Moving Magnet Phono Stage. 

The RA-1572MKII has been engineered from Rotel’s award winning RA-1572 integrated amplifier with critical circuits and component upgrades including a Texas Instruments 32bit, 384kHz DAC supporting PC-USB 32bit/384kHz PCM and MQA rendering and decoding.  Over 33 component changes in acoustic capacitors, filter capacitors and power supply render audio with a wider, deeper soundstage and improved accuracy and positioning.

The Moving Magnet Phone Stage, XLR Balanced, Coax, Optical, RCA, front iPod USB and aptXTM and AAC Wireless Streaming Bluetooth input connections ensure support of all popular sources.

As the flagship integrated amplifier in Rotel’s 15 Series, the RA-1592MKII delivers 200 Watts of Class AB output power into 8 ohms and now delivers an even higher level of audio performance with upgrades to all critical circuits.  The Texas Instruments 32bit 384kHz DAC circuits feature 12 new coupling capacitors with improved frequency response and even higher component tolerances.  Upgraded capacitors are also used in critical signal paths totaling over 28 changed components with additional changes in the power supply circuits.  Dynamic, controlled bass energy, exceptional detail, and reproduction of every nuance of sound with exacting positioning ensure the innovations in the RA-1592MKII are deserving of the MKII designation.

The RA-1592MKII is replete with source inputs including aptXTM and AAC high quality wireless Bluetooth streaming, MQA decoding and rendering via PC-USB, PCM PC-USB audio up to 32bit/384kHz, Moving Magnet Phono Stage, Analog, Digital, XLR Balanced and front panel USB for iOS devices.

All models feature Ethernet and RS232 connections for control system integration, IR remote, front panel status display, intelligent power control, Audio-Direct Tone Bypass mode and dual A-B 5-way speaker binding posts.

The MKII models are available in both silver and black colors.

Orders for the A14MKII, RA-1572MKII and RA-1592MKII now be placed with Authorized Rotel and Sumiko dealers with shipping expected to begin May 2021 in the United States and Canada, and to the rest of the world shortly thereafter.

Suggested retail price (VAT, shipping and any customs duties related to current standards of individual countries are excluded):

·       A14MKII – $1,599.99, £955.00, € 1,399.00

·       RA-1572MKII – $2,099.99, £1,495.00, € 1,899.00

·       RA-1592MKII – $3,199.99, £2,195.00, € 2,699.00

Rotel audio products are known worldwide for their quality, reliability, value, and, above all, exceptional sound reproduction. Family owned since 1961, Rotel has utilized the resources of its formidable international design team and has manufactured its products in its own sophisticated production facilities. Rotel Electronics proudly offers a complete range of electronics that have consistently received critical acclaim and coveted industry awards. With substantial investment in new technologies and manufacturing, Rotel is prepared to meet the challenges of an evolving specialty electronics marketplace.

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