(News) iFi Diablo X. Premiering at CanJam NYC 2023.

Above iFi Diablo X. Premiering at CanJam NYC 2023.
iFi to Release Diablo X, First DAC to Support xMEMS Technology, at CanJam NYC 2023.iFi will be presenting alongside Singularity Audio’s In-Ear Monitors to push the boundaries of IEM and headphone performance.Southport, England & CanJam NY – iFi audio will be adding to its already extensive list of portable DAC audio products with the release of their Diablo X at CanJam NYC, February 25-26, 2023. iFi have partnered with xMEMS as an official DAC/headphone amp technology partner. The Diablo X is being released to support the brand-new xMEMS’ ground-breaking solid state monolithic speaker technology. The Diablo X, when paired with In-Ear Monitors featuring the xMEMS’ monolithic micro speaker, will provide audiophile-level resolution, creating lightning-fast transient response, near-zero phase shift, and +/-1° part-to-part phase consistency, resulting in the most natural sounding In-Ear Monitors with the most accurate time domain music reproduction. The result is a highly uniform and reliable driver that eliminates the need to match and calibrate. Just like the original iDSD Diablo, the Diablo X delivers reference level sound by using two BurrBrown DAC chips and a 16-core XMOS chip to process the data received via the USB and S/PDIF digital inputs, meaning the Diablo X can handle up to PCM 768, DSD 512, 2xDXD. It also provides full MQA decoding, like its predecessor.
A Perfect PairingiFi audio will be showcasing the Diablo X alongside In-Ear Monitors from Singularity Audio at CanJam NYC 2023. Singularity Audio will be releasing their xMEMS In-Ear Monitors, the first IEMs to feature xMEMS solid state speaker technology. Paired with the iFi Diablo X, the two become a perfect bundle, because one cannot be properly utilized without the other. “iFi audio is excited to be working with xMEMS as an official DAC/headphone amp technology partner,” said Victoria Pickles, Head of Partnerships for iFi audio. “xMEMS’ ground-breaking micro speakers offer great potential to push the boundaries of IEM and headphone performance. And our portable audio technologies are uniquely positioned to ensure this potential is fully realized. With specially optimized iFi DAC/headphone amps set for launch in 2023, it’s going to be an xCITING year!” More on xMEMS, Singularity Audio and CanJam NYC 2023 belowxMEMsFounded in January 2018, xMEMS Labs is reinventing sound with the world’s first solid-state True MEMS speakers for TWS and other personal audio devices. xMEMS has over 90 granted patents and over 100 patents pending for its technology. The monolithic architecture implements both actuation and diaphragm in silicon resulting in unmatched part-to-part frequency response consistency and reduced speaker matching or calibration time at manufacturing. This innovative transduction mechanism has also produced the worlds’ fastest and most precise µspeakers, eliminating spring and suspension recovery of coil speakers which improves audio quality and sound field reproduction. For more information, visit https://xmems.comSingularity AudioIncorporated in 2022, Singularity Audio’s mission is to create audiophile products Singular in design and purpose. From conception through design and fabrication, Singularity Audio products embody a purity in design, harmonizing advanced materials with an unwavering commitment to accurate sound reproduction. Singularity Audio’s first product is a flagship IEM which utilizes the fastest and most phase accurate µSpeaker available, the xMEMS Labs Montara Piezo-MEMS transducer. Using reductive principles, an elegant industrial design using a minimal number of components was realized. The outer shells are machined from titanium, with each IEM weighing <5 grams and under 19mm in length, resulting in featherweight IEM that the user will forget they are wearing, allowing them to be fully immersed in music. For more information, visit https://singularityaud.io About iFiiFi is the sister-brand of Abbingdon Music Research (AMR) and is headquartered in Southport, UK. The two brands respectively design and manufacture portable, desktop and lifestyle audio products and high-end hi-fi components. Combined in-house hardware and software development teams and a ‘music first’ approach enable iFi and AMR to create advanced audio products that deliver new levels of design, functionality and performance at their respective price points. Since iFi’s formation in 2012, its products have earned many awards around the world, helping it to become one of the fastest-growing brands in its field.www.ifi-audio.comCanJam NYC

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