(News) Geshelli Labs x Sparkos Labs, Partnering to Make a New Headphone Amp

geshelli labs x sparkos lab

Sparkos and Geshelli Labs have teamed up for the good of all things audio. The first of these Co-Branded products, the Archel3 PRO headphone amp that utilizes our SS2590 PRO discrete op-amp, is available now.

I listened to Geshelli Labs gear for the first time last fall at Capital Audio Fest. The team makes excellent Headphone amps and DACs as well, they had, an integrated amp that is not ready for release yet. They also partner with an incredible woodworker Chris O’Neill who offers custom-crafted cases for Geshelli amps and DACs. I absolutely loved the Geshelli products and Chris’ woodwork at CAF. I look forward to hearing more products from Geshelli and would love to do an in-depth review of their DACs and AMPs.

The new amplifier should prove to be a great addition to their line up.


  • Dual Sparkos Labs SS2590 Pro Op Amps
  • Baxandall Bass/Treble (Boost/Cut) Tone Controls
  • Low Noise Power Supply Circuit
  • Alps Audio Taper Potentiometer (A10K)
  • 12v FCC Level 6 Power Supply (Included)
  • Independent Ring LED Switches
  • 8 LED Colors to Choose From
  • Gain Switch (Unity Gain or 6x)
  • Balanced XLR Inputs
  • Unbalanced RCA Inputs
  • Unbalanced Pre Amp RCA Outputs
  • Unbalanced 1/4″ Output
  •  < .000095% THD+N @ 2Vrms
  •  > 124db SNR @ 2Vrms
  •  2+ Watts Per Channel @ 16 Ohms

As with the other products from Geshelli, you will be able to choose your case wood and glass color to make sure the amp fits your style and space.

Click the link below to purchase yours

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