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Dear Fellow Music Lovers,
With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to superior sound quality, the MOON brand by Simaudio has become a name synonymous with unwavering excellence in the industry.
The brand has been prominently featured in audio shows around the globe. From prestigious exhibitions to intimate gatherings, our cutting-edge music systems have captured the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.
In the spotlight this year is the North Collection – six new products designed to redefine your music listening experience. This collection transcends the realm of ordinary audio systems; it serves as a portal to a world where passion and technology intertwine perfectly. Each individual product is meticulously designed, rigorously tested and endorsed, guaranteeing that every experience becomes a meaningful and memorable musical encounter.

We invite you to take the next step and immerse yourself in the wonders of the North Collection. Book a personalized listening session with your nearest Authorized Retailer to truly appreciate the immersive audio journey that awaits you. Embark on an exploration of sonic excellence that only the MOON name can deliver. 
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The North Collection’s Audiofest Events of the YearStep into the spotlight with us at the forthcoming audio shows, where the North Collection will draw both your eyes and of course, ears. Here is your exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating blend of pioneering technology and artistic creativity.Lineup of shows featuring the North Collection:Ascot Show (29 Sept. – 1st Oct.) – EnglandDutch Audio Show (7th – 8th Oct.) – NetherlandsMilano Hi-Fidelity Show (7th – 8th Oct.) – ItalyAudio Video Show Paris (21st – 23rd Oct.) – FranceToronto Audio Fest (20st – 22nd.) – CanadaAudio Video Show Warsaw (27th – 29th Oct.) – PolandAs always, stay connected by following our Facebook page for updates on upcoming shows we’ll be adding in the future. We can’t wait to see you there!

Thank you for being a part of our journey as we continue to Explore New Frontiers.
In cased you’ve missed itIntroducing the North Collection’s dynamic duo: MOON 641 and MOON 681 Network Player / DAC.

The MOON 641, the system’s centerpiece, is an integrated amplifier merging a preamplifier and power amplifier into a single elegant chassis. Its cutting-edge audio technology harmonizes with the collection’s premium MOON aesthetic design, delivering an unparalleled listening experience. With refined power, the 641 will drive even the most demanding speakers. Plus, the MDCA (MOON Distortion-Cancelling Amplifier) design minimizes both distortion and noise for superior sound. The BRM-1 remote offers convenient luxury volume control, and its elegant, modern form blends seamlessly into any setting, adding a touch of timeless MOON styling to your setup.

Complementing the 641 is the MOON 681 Network Player / DAC – a modern marvel with advanced technologies. This system acts as a complete digital front end for analog amplifiers, highlighted by its 4.3” colour graphic display screen, displaying cover art and artist names. MiND2 technology brings your digital audio to life with extraordinary detail, creating an immersive experience like no other. The MHV (MOON Hybrid Volume) volume control gives you command of the levels when the 681 is connected directly to a power amplifier. Further innovation arrives with the MDE-1, featuring FPGA re-clocking and 32-bit DAC implementation in a fully balanced configuration. Effortlessly connect via AirPlay2, Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, Bluetooth, or even by synchronizing with other MiND2 products for a captivating whole-home audio experience. Designed to complement the 641, the MOON 681 transforms digital audio into a revealing and accurate signal, exemplifying the pinnacle of MOON engineering.

Elevate your experience and Explore New Frontiers with this majestic duo.

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