–The Future Of Power Conditioning Technology Begins TODAY–

Schaumberg, IL 12 April 2024 : Gryphon Audio Designs ApS, designer and manufacturer of
Luxury Audio Systems, is proud to debut “ PowerZone by Gryphon, ” a revolution in Power Signal
Optimization, today at AXPONA. PowerZone will be on active demonstration in Room 1445 and
passive display in Schaumberg E.

Gryphon PowerZone introduces a unique and superior way of improving the Audio Power
Signal. In a typical circuit, the transmission of a variable signal through a conductor creates
uncontrolled resonance, analogous to aerodynamic turbulence, due to the random crystalline
structure of the conductor through which the signal passes. By sending the power through
focused and idealized crystalline conductor structures, PowerZone optimizes the electrons ’
vibrational flow and minimizes spurious resonances and the distortions they create. This is
achieved with the proprietary Hafner Tec h conductor, a Patent-pending design comprised of
adapted crystalline structures that facilitate the vibrational flow of electrons in an undisturbed
way. AS there is no loss of energy within the conductor, this technology produces no additional
noise or heat.

Conceived by Paul Hafner, Founder of Quantum Acoustics SRL, Gryphon PowerZone
components utilize a series of Hafner Tec h ™ Conductor Modules which have been purpose-engineered to achieve idealized transmission of the audio power signal, accomplished without
any current limiting, filtering, or active signal processing. Hafner Tech ™ Modules are potted in
resin to mitigate vibration and deliver the sort of heirloom build quality expected of all Gryphon
components. The chassis themselves are crafted from Dual Layers whose steel cores are clad in
aluminum exteriors, delivering vault-like solidity. PowerZone further benefits from SmartStack ™
technology, a patented compound developed by Denmark’s MENETA Group. PowerZone is the​
first product outside the automotive industry to utilize this revolutionary material. The result is
a dramatic reduction in mechanical resonance achievable in no other way.

Audio components powered by a properly guided current flow will deliver vastly superior
performance: the current will suffer fewer artifacts and restrictions resulting in a faster, smoother,
more precise, and cleaner audio performance. Additional technical information is available from
Gryphon Audio N.A.

Gryphon PowerZone is available in two models: the PZ3.10 ( $14,000 US MSRP) offers eight
State – of – the – Art Furutech AC Sockets and 20 – Amp current Capacity while the PowerZone
PZ3.20 ( $17,500 US MSRP) offers two independent banks of four outlets each and 40 Amps of
Total Current Capacity. PowerZone by Gryphon will be shipping Summer of 2024 and will be
available through Gryphon’s exclusive North American Dealer Network.

About Gryphon: Gryphon Audio Designs ApS, manufacturer of Ultra-Luxe Audio Systems, was founded
in 1985 by Flemming E. Rasmussen, whose artistic training resulted in products whose state-of-the-art
technical performance are complemented by stunning visual design. Since 2002, Thomas Willum Børsting
has been the majority shareholder with Gryphon employees holding the remaining shares. Gryphon is
distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide.

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