(NEWS) Pure Audio Project – New Model Announcement – Trio10 with HeilAMT

New Model Announcement and Special Offer,
January, 2024 

Trio10 with the Legendary HeilAMT

Dear Friends,

With great enthusiasm and excitement, we proudly announce a new and very special model, the Trio10 with the legendary Heil AMT driver. We’ve been envisioning this model for a very long time and entering our 10th anniversary year was just the perfect timing for us to turn this vision into reality.

Few words about the design process. Because of its relatively small size, 16.5″x38.6″ (42x98cm), and two power-capable 10″ woofers, this model had to be sturdy. This led us to the decision to use the bottom part of our robust Quintet10 speaker as the chassis for the upcoming Trio10.
The Heil AMT needs no presentation. This driver by itself is an audio legend, not only due to its ground breaking design but mainly for it’s unique life-like presentation of highs over a wide frequency range. The Heil AMT is also a large and heavy driver. It therefore adds to the Trio10 a significant weight that is extremely important for the ability of a relatively small open baffle speaker to sound full-body and to maintain tonal stability at any volume level, especially the low and the high.
Designing the crossover was a gem. The woofers and the HeilAMT responded so well one to the other that a simple series-topology first-order crossover made the three sound as one!.

…and how does it sound? Well… after a few good weeks of critical and casual listening, while playing any genre and various gear, two simple words kept coming to mind: breathtaking!…
Yes, we are confident to state that this speaker is probably one of our best sounding models to date… addicting it is for sure…
Yes, so good it is! Being an 88db speaker that loves power, the sound is tight, fast, precise, and at the same time extremely organic, with a real-life physical feel of sonic-weight at any volume level. The soundstage is huge with no loss whatsoever of control, focus and details. Heil AMT offers a truly unique top-notch clarity and details, while music sounds full body and life-like, never distracting you from the complete. Whatever length the music sessions are, this Trio10 is always pleasant to the ears and totally non-fatiguing, providing a music experience that is a true music, sonic, and emotional bliss; …and last but not least, its modest size and the unique curved shape make it look and feel friendly whether in a classic, modern or urban interior.

“I had the opportunity to hear the new model at Ze’ev’s house today, and all I can say is, what an accomplishment! Though I’m a proud customer of the Duet15, it made me think twice about upgrading to this one. These have such a deep, powerful bass, wonderfully liquid vocals, and all the magic that this ESS AMT gives with clarity, refinement, and sparkle, as with a good planner magnetic ribbon tweeter. All that goodness comes in a compact, very sturdy design, which is a big plus I think, being one with a small listening room. The overall presentation is natural, organic, and emotionally moving, as with all PureAudioProject speakers. If you’re around for the show or in general, I highly recommend giving them a serious listen – they will amaze you.” , Feedback (posted on Facebook)

As always, we are happy to offer a special one-time offer for early-adopters.
The first three customers to purchase the Trio10 w/ HeilAMT will get a $900 discount! (~15%).
Make your order on-line and use the Coupon Code: 900off

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