(NEWS) Stenheim unveils exciting new speakers at High End Munich

Stenheim is excited to present the world premiere of its latest creation, the Alumine Five LE, at Munich High End from May 9th to May 12th at the MOC. This speaker is the apotheosis of the Alumine Line and produces a classic Stenheim sound, filled with detail, nuance, and excitement, from its 3-way design atop a new gilded plinth. 

The Five LE is a limited edition of the brand new Alumine Five SX and both are a further step in Stenheim’s mission of providing the ultimate in loudspeaker performance for discerning music lovers. You will be able to discover this limited edition in the Stenheim room in Atrium 4.1 Room F113. Stenheim will also be exhibiting two other speakers in three different rooms: 

The Nagra room in Atrium 4.1 Room F130 will feature the new Reference Ultime Two SX, as will the darTZeel room in Atrium 4.2 Room F113. This speaker caused a sensation at AXPONA in April with many journalists naming it as producing the best sound in the show.

Visitors will also be able to hear the new Alumine Two.Five which was launched in New York at the end of last year. This elegant floorstander can be heard at High End’s sister show, hifideluxe, in Room 115. There are shuttle buses between the two exhibitions.

In addition to a new-look room this year, Stenheim is also organizing a series of conferences, The Stenheim High End Talks. There are nine different talks to choose from, given by industry professionals on a range of audio topics. Places are very limited and although the talks are free to attend, booking is essential. The programme and booking form can be found on the Stenheim website here.  


Finally, the last hour of each day at Munich will be given over to a Classic Album session where a famous album will be played in its entirety on vinyl. Visitors will be able to hear seminal albums by Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Kraftwerk and Steely Dan. Visit our website to find out more.


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