Summer Against Hunger – The Cable Co

The Cable Company launches the 26th Annual “Summer Against Hunger,” an Audiophile fundraiser supporting CARE.
Needed more than ever in 2021, 100% of August purchases from The Cable Company from over 70 sponsoring brands will be matched with equal donations to CARE. In addition ALL products from our other vendors who are not participating in the fundraiser directly, and even our sales of used products including purchases from our website, will generate a 50% donation to CARE.
This dollar for dollar donation for purchase of products from our sponsoring vendors works due to leverage: The Cable Company donates a percentage of sales, which is matched by sponsoring manufacturers. The 1:1 total donation to CARE is guaranteed by the participation of an anonymous donor, who is providing a funding match for total Cable Co. plus vendor contributions.
Additional matched funding from institutional participants further multiplies the donations we generate directly, to bring the donation to CARE up to a full 100%, dollar for dollar.
The previous 25 years of August campaigns have generated over $5.5 million in contributions for CARE, which is 75 years old this year.
Like the rest of us, CARE has pivoted in response to the pandemic with the largest emergency response in their 75 year history. In 69 out of the 100 total countries in which they operate programs, they are providing clean water, hygiene kits with crucial supplies including basics like soap and masks, as well as PPE for health care workers. Drawing on over 20 years of leadership in vaccine programming, CARE is also taking a leadership role in the efficient global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to reach those most at risk including nearly 275,000 grassroots health care workers – from midwives to hygiene workers, mostly women – who are on the frontlines but are often overlooked.
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