The Non Denominational Podcast Review

by Matthew Hribar, Karyn Adams, Blaze Pratt and Kelsey Shawgo

This podcast is like no other. Flat out… its Becky’s new favorite podcast. Non Denominational is a new sitcom podcast. It follows the struggles of a fictional church called Society of the Children of the Natural Earth (SCONE) while they try to navigate through modern society. Each character is richly developed and is easy to fall in love with. The idea of having a non-denominational church to attend in real life seems even better after listening to all of the sticky situations this group finds themselves drawn into.

Now Becky’s sugar daddy would be the first to tell you that I do not listen to many pod casts. Sorry not sorry. But this one is different, and I know everyone says that about their new favorite podcasts, but hold on.

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This podcast stands out due to a few key factors. High production value, uniquely voiced characters, and quirky one liners that you’ll be able to take with you and claim as your own at your next swingers party. Add all of those together and you my friend have found yourself a gem of a podcast.

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I listed to the latest pod cast which was season 1 episode 11 titled Church Softball. In this episode Denise’s niece Alice (funny to say right?) comes in to aid the SCONE church led by Pastor Jamie as they take on their rivals Deerfield Chruch led by Pastor Wyatt. I will not spoil the podcast in case you yourself want to go check it out, but it’s worth a listen.

So becky what rating would you give this one?

Becky (Drunkenly): “uhh….a solid 9 White Claws out of 10″

Sugar Daddy: “Alright lets get you home”

Becky (still drunk): You never let me go anywhere!

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Check out the Non Denominational Podcast on Spotify and Itunes and check out Matt and more of his work here.

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