Weekly Top 5 (10/21)

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Grab your doubled up Styrofoam cup. This week were doing a deep dive and digging into all of the best lyrical, rhythm, and bass driven rap music we could compile into one Top 5 list. There is too much fire in this list for Becky or her sugar daddy to even be in attendance.

  1. Song: Mona Lisa
    1. Artist: Lil Wayne
    2. Listen Now
  2. Song: Medicated
    1. Artist: Wiz Khalifa
    2. Listen Now
  3. Song: Roulette
    1. Artist: MGK
    2. Listen Now
  4. Song: Where the Hood At?
    1. Artist: DMX
    2. Listen Now
  5. Song: Outcast
    1. Artist: NF
    2. Listen Now
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