Cable Company: upgrade your system and help others

25th Annual Summer Against Hunger

JOIN US throughout August.
Up to 100% of your purchase can be a donation without any extra cost to you!

Be a part of The Cable Company’s 25th Summer Against Hunger

THESE ARE THE 100% SPONSORS of our 25th Annual Summer Against Hunger:

Abyss Headphones • Acoustic Signature • Acoustic System • Acrolink • Alpha Design Labs • Analysis Plus • Aperture Acoustics • Audience • Audio Desk Systeme • Audio Magic • AudioQuest • Aural Symphonics • Cardas Audio • Chang Lightspeed • Chord Cables • Chord Electronics • Cleer • Crystal Cable • DH Labs • DS Audio • Eleven XI Audio • English Electric • Entreq •  Fidelis AV (Acoustic SignatureHarbethSteinMusicTonTrager) • Focal Headphones • Fo.Q • Gingko Audio • Gutwire • Hana Cartridges • Harbeth • Harmonic Resolution Systems • HiFi-Tuning • High Fidelity Cables • IsoAcoustics • JPS Labs • Kimber Kable • KR Audio Tubes • Lotus Group (Fo.QOyaidePranawire) • Marigo Audio • Musical Surroundings • Mytek • Nordost • Oyaide • Pneuance • Pranawire • Purist Audio Design • Quadraspire Racks • Rega • Shunyata Research • Siltech Cables • Solid Tech Racks • Sound Organisation (Chord ElectronicsEnglish ElectricQuadraspire Racks, Rega) • SteinMusic • Stillpoints • Straightwire • Sutherland Engineering • Symposium Acoustics • Synergistic Research • Telos • TonTrager • van den Hul • Vicoustic • Voodoo Cable • Wattgate • WBT • Wireworld • Wywires


HERE’s HOW: Invest in your system and we’ll invest in CARE. It’s really easy… there is no extra cost or separate donation by you. Throughout August simply purchase new items from the brands on the Sponsors list and the entire amount of your purchase will be matched dollar for dollar as a donation to CARE. Plus all purchases of other brands not on the Sponsors list, and even used items, will be matched fifty cents for every dollar you spend.

WHY: CARE now operates in 93 countries reaching more than 63 million people through 950 sustainable development projects, as well as relief efforts. CARE IS EFFICIENT: More than 90% of CARE’s expenditures – among the highest of all philanthropic organizations – support its poverty-fighting projects around the world.

WHO DOES THE MATCHING: The matching donations for your purchases come from The Cable Company, Vendors on the Sponsor list above, and other Matching Donors.

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