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August is flying by but you can make your audio purchases worth a lot more. Until the end of August your Cable Company purchases generate a 100% equal matching contribution for CARE when you order from our list of sponsoring brands. All other purchases, even used products, earn a 50% donation to CARE. Click here for more details or take a look at our ads appearing in the current issues of Stereophile and The Absolute Sound, as well as many on-line audio publications.

In our previous August emails, we featured special offers and new products from our cable manufacturing sponsors. In today’s email we are focusing on Component, Headphone, and Analog designs from among our 100% Summer Against Hunger sponsors. Coming soon will be highlights from our Rack, Footer, and Acoustic Products Sponsors
 Focal Headphones and New Arche DAC/Amp
Focal ranks near the top of many listeners’ lists for high performance headphones. 

The incredible Utopia ($3999) is a true reference level open back headphone, and the Stellia (pictured: $2999) may well be the best closed-back design available.

For under $2k the Focal Clear’s are the headphones to beat, while for closed-back secluded listening for under $1000, the Elegia’s ($899) are the standard setters.

READ MORE The Abyss Headphone line
We also mentioned the outstanding Abyss headphones (pictured: from $4995) in our coverage of JPS Labs in the Cable Sponsors emails earlier this month. 

READ MOREChord Electronics
Chord Electronics, manufactures a wide range of high performance audio electronics, but may be best known for their portable electronics which set the performance standard for this part of the industry.

Even our Smart Phones can be a credible source for portable use, however to be considered a high quality source for headphones, a Smart Phone does need some assistance.

 Mytek Electronics
Our earliest interest in Mytek came about because of the superb headphone sections built into their products. With their 6 watts of output they can drive the hardest to drive headphones. They are worth the cost of admission as companions for the top headphones even if you ignore the rest of what these Mytek products can do.
 Harbeth Loudspeakers and Ton Trager Stands
Harbeth has just released the successor series to their acclaimed 40th Anniversary models. This new “XD” (for Xtended Definition) series is an evolution of the changes they made for the Anniversary editions of each of their speakers. In fact the Anniversary series used relatively few of the parts from the standard series, and that is also the case in the new XD models. These are available for order now with some models and finishes immediately available, others are on the way.

Britain’s Rega is one of the best-known nameplates in audio. For over 40 years, Rega products have been treasured by music lovers all over the world. 

 Acoustic Signature Turntables
Acoustic Signature is a German manufacturer of high precision turntables and tonearms, with turntables ranging from what we consider to be among the very best table-arm-cartridge packages for under $2k, the Primus,all the way up to the take-no-prisoners $100k+ Invictus. 

 Sutherland Engineering 
We have loved Ron Sutherland’s phono preamps for years. He is a master at extracting every molecule of music from analog systems and making great sound. 


Musical Surroundings’ Analog Collection
We are excited to welcome back analog specialists, Musical Surroundings, to the 2020 Summer Against Hunger. They bring us an impressive array of analog brands as 100% Sponsors, so 100% of your investment with The Cable Company in these brands in August goes to CARE:

Hana Cartridges
DS Audio
Musical Surroundings

A thumbnail on each to inspire your further research and discussions:

Audio Desk System Vinyl Cleaner PRO and Special Offer
The 2020 Tenth Anniversary Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner PRO X is the gold standard in record cleaning devices. Not only does the 2020 version of the PRO offer numerous improvements, it is also on sale this month with a free extra 5 pack of cleaning solution concentrate in addition to a $500 discount for a total of $599 off! 


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