HiFi Chicken Tours Sound and Vision

Two weeks ago HiFi Chicken visited Sound and Vision and we were able to tour their amazing show room in Cuyahoga falls. It truly is an audiophiles paradise inside. The entire showroom is full of audio equipment, speakers, comfy furniture, and televisions.

While we were at the store doing a review we were able to meet with Mike Woods, the President of sound and vision. He gave us the rundown of what its like owning an audio shop and was even kind enough to let us interview him.

Bowers & Wiklins and Paradigm

How did you get started in HiFi?

I was a hobbyist, I noticed that at my first job I was spending my whole paycheck on audio. so I figured it would be best to start working in HiFi and get my audio at dealer cost. I started at HiFi Buys in Beldon Village and worked there for 10 years and became the store manager. Then after the owner wanted to start scaling down I decided to open up Sound and Vision. We are going to be celebrating our 18th year in the industry this year.

What was your first HiFi system?

My first set up that I bought myself was in 1986, it was a Sherwood receiver with Becker speakers. After that I got into BIC America and I had the Venturi speakers. Then I got into surround sound with Harmon Kardon.

What audio companies do you think are innovating right now?

there is a lot of companies maintaining, but right now I would say that Bowers and Wilkens with their new formation series products is innovating. There are a lot of companies trying to be like Sonos, but I think Bowers is really setting themselves apart and making their products stand out. Bowers and Wilkins is one of the only companies right now also marketing to millennials which is crucial for this industry. Cambridge Audio is another company that is now pricing their products for people to start getting in to HiFi. We want to have millennials start getting into HiFi as well. Smart homes and lighting is also a crucial part of innovation in this business.

Are there any events or promotions coming up for our viewers to come check you out?

Yes, we have two events coming up. on 11/7/19 we are having a Mcintosh-Sonus Faber event where we will have all of their products on display and set up for customers to listen to. The second event will be the “Music Matters Affordable Audio” event 12/5/19 where representatives from Cambridge Audio and Bowers and Wilkins will be here to help customers and introduce them to their new products and affordable HiFi options.

We at Hifi Chicken would like to personally thank Sound and Vision for letting us come to their showroom and check out all of their amazing sound rooms and HiFi set ups. You can visit their website here and be sure to check out their Facebook page here to stay up to date on all of the things that they have going on including events and new products that they are bringing into their showroom.

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