The Ultimate Canton Reference Loudspeaker
Unconstrained by restrictions, Canton endeavored to push the limits of what was technically possible to create the best sounding and best performing loudspeaker in Canton’s history. In over 50 years of company history, never before has a Canton loudspeaker been developed and manufactured with this level of complexity.
The Reference GS are a statement: the mighty floor-standing loudspeakers stand 64” tall, 18” wide, 28” deep and weigh 340 pounds. The Reference GS loudspeakers are painstakingly handcrafted, elegant in design and spoil you with their high quality materials, exquisite workmanship, and impressive surface finish.
The designers of the Reference GS harmoniously combine elements of wood, metal and lacquer to create an irresistible work of art. The result is a speaker that not only fulfills the highest demands in terms of sound, but also aesthetically.

Multi-Layer Specially Reinforced Cabinets
For the completely redesigned Reference GS cabinet, round baffles have been used for the first time. These 3” thick baffles are manufactured on a special 5-axis CNC milling machine.
The elaborately curved side panels, bases and lids are made of multi-layer, 1” thick wood laminate, which ensures the cabinets are extremely stable and significantly reduces natural resonance behavior.
In order to control the enormous forces inside the Reference GS loudspeakers, a special computer-optimized reinforcement is required. Internal standing waves are prevented by careful selection of the front shape, baffle and, a precisely defined damping material made of a special fleece.
In addition, side panels of fine real wood veneer, which are firmly attached to the side panels, stiffens the enclosures further reducing unwanted resonance. The sweeping curves enable an acoustically optimized enclosure design, whose freedom from edges effectively prevents edge reflections.
Diamond Tweeter
For the first time in Canton’s history, a diamond dome tweeter has been used. This cone material enhances tweeter reproduction with the finest detail. The tweeter retains its accuracy and natural reproduction even at the highest volumes – completely effortless and stress-free.
Pricing, Finishes and AvailabilityThe Reference GS is limited to 50 pairs worldwide. It is offered in one finish as shown above. Retail price is $60,000 in USA and $79,000 in Canada. Shipping now.
Reference GS is loaded with more exciting innovative technology. Click below to read more about this state-of-the-art loudspeaker or to find a dealer.

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