(NEWS) SYNERGISTIC RESEARCH Introducing PowerCell 8 SX and Pink Fuses

PowerCell 8 SX.

The Pulse of Pure Power.

The Synergistic Research PowerCell 8 SX reimagines power conditioning by incorporating every available technology from our portfolio into a compact, ultra-performance unit. Engineered from a clean slate, it brings together an array of advanced features within a sleek, solid chassis crafted from machined aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber to control resonance; it’s form dictated by its role as one of the world’s highest-performance non-current limiting line conditioners. The PowerCell 8 SX introduces significant advancements, including a reformulated Ultra Low-Frequency RF bias and the same power supply technology found in the latest Galileo SX PowerCell line conditioner, engineered to ensure the cleanest power delivery and the lowest possible noise floor for your audio system. With the addition of a redesigned Ground Plane Technology, the PowerCell 8 SX achieves one of the blackest backgrounds of any PowerCell to date, allowing the essence of your music to come through.A highlight of the PowerCell 8 SX is its comprehensive redesign of our patented electromagnetic cell, which, in turn, was taken directly from our work on the upcoming flagship 20-outlet SRX power conditioner, which will retail for over $50,000 when launched. The PowerCell 8 SX gets the first major EM Cell redesign in over a decade, where the patented Electromagnetic Cell is enhanced to have twice the surface area for greater conditioning power compared to previous folded EM Cells. This upgrade is complemented by significant improvements in the internal materials and assembly processes, setting the standard for efficiency and performance.The PowerCell 8 SX stands out as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance, packing our latest technology into a compact form factor, and is ideal for audiophiles seeking the best possible power conditioner without compromising space or design.

w/ included 5ft Foundation SX 10awg AC
$3995 110v
$4295 230v

Discounted power cable upgrades are available.


Pink Fuses.

The next generation of the World’s most sold audiophile fuse.

At Synergistic Research, we routinely make discoveries as we seek to improve the performance of SR products. And when it’s time to develop something completely new, like the new Voodoo Network Streamer / Server, we engineer entirely new technologies capable of elevating each new SR product to an apex market position when compared to the market’s best products; one listen to the Voodoo Network Server confirms it is by far the world’s highest performance network streamer server. And this leads us to the new Pink Fuse. Traditionally, we launch a new state-of-the-art fuse every 24 months, as it typically takes two years to accumulate enough new technology to surpass an outgoing fuse significantly. But as 2023 was coming to an end, we had already rolled all new accumulated technologies into the new Master Fuse launched in February 2023, engineered and voiced to supercharge an otherwise Purple fuse loom.

For this reason, we had nothing in reserve capable of warranting a replacement for the Purple fuse. So, it remained in our lineup as your main application fuse to be combined with a few Master Fuses in a state-of-the-art fuse loom until we could develop something fundamentally better; fast forward to after the Master Fuse launch, where we have learned a great deal during the development of the new Voodoo server, including an entirely new high voltage conditioning process perfect for a new generation fuse that would maintain the Purple Fuse’s musical warmth but with added resolution and dynamics, combined with enhanced musicality without sounding artificially warm or colored, with, or without, Master Fuses also in the mix. Fortunately, we were also in the final stages of development for a new flagship product, slated to launch later this year, so it is still top secret, with a new UEF compound that proved perfect for the new Pink Fuse, giving it a lower noise floor when directly compared to the outgoing Purple fuse. And so, the new Pink Fuse is born albeit six months late, the child of Voodoo’s high voltage conditioning process, and a new UEF compound first developed for a yet-to-be-announced flagship product that will be, by far, the most expensive product in Synergistic Research’s 32-year history when it lands later this year. 

$249.50 for all sizes


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