(News) Million Dollar Hifi System Set To Be Shown at AXPONA 2023

estelon extreme mkii

Estelon, Vitus, and The Audio Experience will work together to bring a million-dollar system to AXPONA this year. Estelon will be bringing their Extreme MK II (U.S. 269,000 pair MAP) Speakers. Powering these flagship speakers will be a pair of Vitus Audio MP-S201 MK I Stereo Amplifiers (2) (U.S. 230,000 pair MAP). The Preamp is a Vitus Audio MP-L201 MKII (U.S. 70,000 MAP). The Digital to Analog conversion will be handled by a Vitus Audio MP-D201 MK III, the Phono Stage is also from Vitus Audio, the SP-103 MKII Phono Stage (U.S. 45,000 MAP). The Sources will be an Innous Statement Music Server w/Next Gen Power Supply (U.S. 21,700 Retail), as well as an Acoustic Signature Ascona NEO Turntable, Tonearm, and Cartridge.

Stromtank S-2500 Quantum MKII Battery Power and Conditioner (U.S. 28,250) Retail, as well as S-1000 Battery Power and Conditioner (U.S. 16,000 Retail), will be handling all of the power for the system. Cabling will be all handled with Crystal Cable Art Series (U.S. 330,000 Retail. The equipment will be resting on HRS SXR-1921-3v Racks (2) R3X-1921 Bases and E1x-2127-2 (2) Bases (U.S. 33,000 Retail). The room will employ treatment from ART, 2 6XS Electromagnetic passive treatment devices (U.S. 9,000 Retail), as well as 10 ASC 16″x36″ IsoThermal Tube Traps (U.S. 7,290 Retail)

This is sure to be a crowd-pleaser of a room, full of top-of-the-line flagship products. I have had a chance to listen to other Vitus Audio gear but not this setup so I can not comment much on how it would sound. However, I would have high expectations for such a system and I would imagine it will not disappoint. Below is some literature about each of the Vitus Electronics, and Estelon Speakers.

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