Buffalo, NY, February 6, 2024 — Bluebird Music, distributor of high-performance audio products since 2000, is pleased to announce the availability of the new, state-of-the-art Weiss Helios DAC.

Weiss Engineering has been a leader in digital audio technology for nearly 40 years; founder Daniel Weiss’ contributions to the field were recognized with a Technical GRAMMY in 2021. Weiss is one of seven brands distributed by Bluebird, along with AVM (Audio Video Manufaktur) electronics, Jadis vacuum tube electronics, SME tonearms and turntables, Questyle personal audio products, Fezz Audio vacuum tube electronics, and Canton loudspeakers.

Weiss products are precision-built in Switzerland to the most rigorous professional standards, designed to deliver flawless performance over years of constant use. Weiss DACs and DSP units are found in recording and mastering studios worldwide, and previous Weiss consumer audio DACs have won numerous awards and placement on “best of” lists.

The Helios DAC brings the highest levels of pro performance to consumer audio, exceeding even the standards of the highly regarded DAC501/502. It is an extraordinarily versatile unit, featuring a number of Weiss-developed DSP algorithms.

“I was blown away by how good the DAC501 and DAC502 are, and Helios is even better;” said Jay Rein, President of Bluebird Music. “Comparatively, music through Helios is more vivid and transparent, with tremendous detail. But for me personally what brings the music home is Helios’ live-performance dynamics and authentic portrayal of the tonal shades and textures of each instrument.”

The Helios housing consists of a stainless steel chassis with a thick aluminum outer frame. Digital processing is performed by the 8-channel ES9038PRO chip, utilizing 4 DAC channels in parallel per audio channel. This practice results in an unmatched S/N ratio of -128 dB, and provides superb channel separation and noise rejection.

A powerful non-switching power supply is used, and all sensitive voltages have their own regulators which are separated between left and right channels. The result is an analog output free of “digital noise” and channel crosstalk. The power supply utilizes two toroidal transformers.

There are five digital inputs: AES/EBU or S/PDIF via XLR, Toslink, or RCA; RJ45 Ethernet; and USB type B. Outputs are line/headphone balanced XLR and line/headphone unbalanced RCA. All inputs accept all professional or consumer signals. Helios is Roon Ready.

Control of the unit is by a front panel rotary encoder knob, the provided full-function remote control, or by a web interface.

Unique digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms featured include:

  • Room Equalizer, which can be used to suppress room modes;
  • Creative Equalizer, with low, mid, and high boost/cut to correct less than optimal recordings;
  • De-essing, which removes overly-bright sibilance;
  • Constant volume, which adjusts volume level across all cuts being played;
  • Vinyl Emulation, which mimics the sonic characteristics of LPs;
  • Crosstalk Cancellation (XTC), which allows playback of binaural dummy-head recordings through loudspeakers;
  • Loudness Control, for equalizing low listening levels;
  • Crossfeed, which emulates a loudspeaker listening experience while using headphones.

Analog output stages utilize Weiss’ own OP2-BP discrete op-amps, providing superb sound quality that is vastly superior to that provided by monolithic op-amps.

“We’re proud to offer the most-versatile and best-sounding DAC available, “said Jay Rein. “We’re certain that reviewers and listeners will find it as engaging and enjoyable to listen to, as we have.”

Pricing, Finishes and Availability

Bluebird Music is currently shipping the Weiss Helios to dealers, along with the Weiss DAC501, DAC502, and DAC204.
Helios comes standard with a full-function remote control. Available in black or silver finishes.
US MSRP is $21,995, ($28,995 in Canada).
ptional Headphone Adapter Cables are $495, ($695 in Canada).

For more information, contact Jay Rein at Bluebird Music, (416) 638-8207
or email jrein@bluebirdmusic.com

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