(Review) Vera-Fi Vera-Link, Powerful Hidden True Wireless Stereo Solution

We reached out to Vera-Fi to check out the Vera Link as I had been seeing it shared in quite a few of the Hifi groups. I was interested in seeing how this small Bluetooth solution would stack up against the ever-growing market of small all-in-one amps. The market is dominated by tons of Chinese companies, some of which have been around for a while like Fiio, while others are coming out every week. At a retail price of $199.99 (US), the Vera-link can be an attractive device to a wide audience. The Vera-Link system is two separate amps that then link together wirelessly. Something I like about this is all you need is an outlet near where you want your speakers. You don’t need to run any other wires so it makes for the perfect solution for a minimalist area. Let’s see how it performs.


Setting up the Vera-Link may be the easiest product to set up that I have reviewed. All you need to do is connect the power cables to the amps and the amps to your speakers. It should be mentioned that the included speaker cables have banana plugs on them so if you are using vintage speakers with clip or screw-style posts you may need adapters. Once you have them hooked up you can mount them on the back of the speaker using the preinstalled velcro. Now you just have to connect your phone or other Bluetooth source and you are ready to listen. I set up my review pair on my Martin Logan LX-16 and did have to use banana-to-pin adapters due to the way Martin Logan’s binding posts are designed. The banana plug on the Vera-Link was a bit too short to get in and hold. I also used them on my Sonus Faber Sonetto V’s and the posts on those accepted the banana plugs without any adapters so your mileage may vary.

I had my Martin logans set on my old hifi rack out in my living room and loved the fact that all I had visible was the speakers. It made for an aesthetically pleasing system that I could control entirely from my phone. I think that is the big selling point for me, If I were to set up a permanent living space system, I wouldn’t want a rack full of gear. I want the bare minimum in that space. The Vera-Link fits the bill and does so for a price most people can get behind. I would argue that this product could easily be the gateway for a younger person to get into hifi. Being able to get themselves a decent pair of speakers and the Vera-Link and be off to the races.


The Vera-Link sounds good overall, I like the bass available. It feels more powerful than it is, or at least spec’d to be. You get up to 50wpc (watts per channel) at 4ohms and 25wpc at 8ohms of class D power in a tiny chassis. I will say class D has come a long way and I continue to be impressed by what is on offer today in this topology. Since you can not have a subwoofer with these (would be a cool addition) the bass is very welcome. Mids are clean and detailed as well. Generally speaking, highs are crisp and airy, but there were a couple of times when it sounded like there may have been some distortion or noise in the top end. Voices are neutral-sounding and lively, and instruments have some texture to them. It is not the most resolving sound, being Bluetooth there are still some limitations. While these have Bluetooth 5.0, it’s still not quite the same quality as high res over a cable. I would say for the nature of the device Vera-fi has done well working within the limits of Bluetooth, class D, as well as fitting the desired footprint.

I listened to Laufey’s album “Bewitched” which if you haven’t you need to. She is an Icelandic artist who makes Modern jazz. Her music has loads of soul and mood to it. Dreamer starts with a sound straight from the 50’s, you wouldn’t think this was a modern album. The entire album has a very classic jazz club vibe to it. It is incredibly well-produced and has been by obsession for the past 3 weeks. When I compare how it sounds using the Vera-Link to my McIntosh MC250 (also 50wpc) I am pleased with the sound. The McIntosh definitely wins overall, especially with how much warmer and richer the mids are, but it’s not like I don’t also like Vera-Link. I will say it is much better on my Sonus Fabers than on my Martin Logans. Being Class D and adding that to Air Motion Tweeters can be too bright at times. I also tried the Vera-Link with my vintage Polk Monitor-5s, and with their soft tweeter, the sound was very pleasant.

I also listened to System of a Down “Toxicity”. SOAD and specifically Serj Tankian is in my opinion one of the best singers to ever live. How he controls his voice and can go from yelling to softly speaking and changing speed and timing is beyond impressive. SOAD often uses very complex time signatures in their songs, having quite a few. All of which makes their music stand out quite a bit for me. Chop Suey, a very heavy song lyrically, starts very softly and then quickly builds up, with the drums and bass line. The Vera-Link Keeps up very well. You get the texture of the guitar during the chorus which almost has a banjo strum sound. To truly appreciate any music detail is important especially so with System of a Down, and I don’t feel as though the Vera-Link is lacking here.


  • 50WPC (4ohms) 25WPC (8ohms)
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • TWS, True Wireless Stereo link
  • use up to 5 linked pairs in a single household
vera link


I think products like the Vera-Link are very important in our industry. These easy-to-use and affordable entry points in our hobby can be the very thing to start a lifelong passion. I feel as though there is more responsibility to create something of good value in this space more so than in the high-end. If your first foray into a hobby doesn’t go well you may be discouraged from pursuing any further, and let’s be honest most people’s first system won’t be a 10k dollar system, it is more likely to be a set of hand-me-down speakers and maybe a receiver. That is what got me hooked, a pair of Polk Monitor 5s a Yamaha 2-channel receiver, and a Yamaha CD Player. I still have the Speakers but the receiver and CD player are long gone. The Vera-Link is the perfect product to breathe life back into those speakers. I would be more than happy to recommend the Vera-Link to a newcomer to our hobby, but also to any seasoned veteran who wants to set up a simple no-fuss system that can blend into any room in any house. If you are looking for a simple Bluetooth solution that can power nearly any pair of speakers you should check out the Vera-Link.

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Vera-Fi provided Hifi Chicken with a review sample for the purpose of review. Vera-Fi nor any affiliate paid in part or full in exchange for this review.

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