Weekly Top 5 (10/14)

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This week we’re grabbing the hair spray, strapping on our electric guitars, and bringing you a top 5 that will surely rock you to the core. Becky get ready to grab your sugar daddy’s heart medication, because this week we’re visiting some of the best classic rock songs the industry has offered. Crank it up!

  1. Song: Sympathy for the Devil
  2. Song: Freebird
  3. Song: Fortunate Son
  4. Song: Sweet Child O’ Mine
  5. Song: Shoot To Thrill

This week is a special week for us here at HiFi Chicken. We are celebrating our 100th follower on Facebook. We reached out to him to give us a bonus song to add to our weekly top 5 as a thank you for following HiFi Chicken on Facebook. He responded with an absolutely amazing song that is sure to put your HiFi speakers to the test. Check it out by clicking on the listen now below!

  • Bonus Song: Welcome to the Machine

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