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As we wrap our August fundraiser and prepare to move on into September, a special thank you to all of you who helped support CARE with a purchase in August. We will summarize the results of the 2020 Summer Against Hunger once we pull together all of the numbers from our Sponsors.
High Fidelity Cables is famous for the Magnetic Conduction technology which is used in all of their products. This month we are offering a massive 40% discount on ALL High Fidelity In-Line Powerline Conditioners. This promo does not include their MC-0.5 or MC-1 “handheld” parallel conditioners, only the multi-outlet, in-line powerline conditioners. 

High Fidelity Cables In-line AC power conditioners start with the MC-6 Power Distributor (pictured: reg. $999, now $599), which is basically a supercharged in-line version of their MC-0.5 handheld conditioner with the addition of 6 outlets. Effective and high value. Can also serve as an outlet extension strip for use with other types of power conditioners.

A super-charged version of the MC-6 called MC-6 Hemisphere (reg. $2800, now $1680) uses better parts and incorporates the “Helix” technology used in their top end products.

The further enhanced, 10 outlet MC-10 Signature (reg. $5999, now $3599) doubles up on the magnetic power of the MC-6 Hemisphere for incredible performance in this low profile design.
Unlike most other power conditioners this design approach can also be a complement to, or an outlet extension for, other line filtration products to enhance THEIR effectiveness. At the special September savings of $2400, this is a remarkable value!

Here we pause and take a deep breath before getting into High Fidelity Cables super-exotic 5 figure line conditioners:

  Black Box Special: FREE HFT’s from Synergistic Research

Purchase a Black Box ($1995) in September and pick two of the following HFT packs to include in your order for FREE:

HFT ($499/10 pack)

HFT 2.0 ($299/5 pack)

HFT X ($299/3 pack)

HFT speaker kit ($399/7 Pack – one pack per speaker is needed)

HFT Wide Angle ($399/3 pack)

HFT Wide Angle X ($199/each)

HFT Wide Angle Combo Pack ($499/ 2x Standard Wide Angle, 1x Wide Angle X)

FREE RCA Caps with Cardas Purchases Over 
$100 in September
Cardas RCA Caps (reg. $60/12) fit over unused female RCA connectors to shield against RFI, EMI, dust and corrosion. Sold in sets of 12. We will include a set FREE with all Cardas purchases over $100 in September 2020!

Just order away and we will add the Cardas Caps. Simple!
DH Labs 20% Off September Specials using
Discount Code SEPT20
This month DH Labs, one of our top “bang for the buck” cable lines, is offering a nice 20% discount on both their newest interconnects as well as their high value HDMI cable.

Air Matrix Cryo Interconnects:
DH Labs
 has developed a new, higher performance version of their popular Air Matrix interconnects. Having experimented with various materials treatments across their product range, they were particularly impressed with the impact of deep immersion cryogenic treatment on the Air Matrix interconnects. With the cryo treatment the sound is more liquid, more alive, more transparent, and more resolved. They have tested cryo and other treatments off and on with their other models with a subtle improvement here and there, but nothing like what you hear with the Air Matrix Cryo (reg. $415/1m pr, XLR or RCA).

Purchase in September with 20% savings using discount code SEPT20.

The HDMI 2.0 Silver (reg. from $80/1m) uses silver-coated Continuous Crystal conductors with a nitrogen injected dielectric and quad shielding for noise rejection in this 4k ready HDMI cable. 

Long run? To maintain the bandwidth all lengths over 6m include a built-in signal amp.

Use the above link to read more about this cable, and use Promo Code SEPT20 to save 20% when you order!
Save on Purchases of 8 Audience JEWEL CableLifters 
We are big believers in elevating your cables above the electro-mechanical haze at floor level. The newest entrant in the Cable Supports category is the JEWEL CableLifters ($60 each) from Audience. These pretty 2″ cubes do the job and look good doing it. For a closer look check out this 17 second video.  

Intro Special: $399 for sets of 8.
For additional information on these offers and frequent updates speak with your Cable Company consultant, or visit our websites with the links below.

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