Weekly Top 5 (Cover Songs)

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This week we are in the spirit of Halloween and during Halloween we all like to dress up and become something extraordinary (or scary). And before you ask, no Becky you can not go as a sexy cop for the 5th year in a row… Now, in that spirit sometimes artist will put on a costume and play songs from other artists they themselves idolize so this week we have compiled the top 5 best cover songs.

  1. Song: All Along the Watchtower
    • Original Artist Bob Dylan
    • Cover Artist: Jimmy Hendrix
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  2. Song: Hurt
    • Original Artist: Nine Inch Nails
    • Cover Artist: Johnny Cash
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  3. Song: Sound Of Silence
    • Original Artist: Simon and Garfunkel
    • Cover Artist: Disturbed
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  4. Song: Knockin on Heavens Door
    • Original Artist: Bob Dylan
    • Cover Artist: Guns N Roses
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  5. Song: Hound Dog
    • Original Artist: Big Mama Thorton
    • Cover Artist: Elvis Presley
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