Your Budget of $500, Our Picks


what can you get for your money

If you are set to a budget you may wonder what is a good set up for the money. Granted there is an almost unlimited amount of combinations of gear for each bracket. We think these are the best ways to spend your money. Proven gear with a good set of features and reputation. Again this is our opinion on the matter, not the end all be all of best combos. Also all the items listed are brand new and you can buy them right now for the prices listed. For each price range we selected an integrated amp, speakers (price is for pair), speaker cable and turntable.


  • Amp- Yamaha R-S202BL
    • Price – 149.99
    • this amp overs decent features for the price and yamaha’s always produce clean sound. Not a bad starter unit.
    • one con is no phono input so we listed a turntable with a built in phono stage
  • Speaker cable: Gear It cables
    • Price: 12.00-22.00 depending on length
    • work great, cheap

These items should get you started just fine. You can upgrade individual components over time as your budget and apatite for High Fidelity increase.
The grand total for this set up is 491.97. It even leaves you with some money to pick up some Hifi Chicken gear from the store.

In the next post we will cover a Budget of 1000$

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