You Have a Grand, We Have Recommendations

marantz pm5005

what can you get for your money

In the last post we looked at a quality system you can put together for 500 dollars. What if you have a $1000 to spend on audio equipment, well you can make a few upgrades. There are a couple of items we did keep though such as the speakers, the Klipsch bookshelves are an amazing value and we feel as though they keep up with this system.


  • Amp- Marantz PM5005
    • Price – 499.99
    • This is our first step into what we refer to as Hi Fidelity
    • Dedicated phono stage
    • One con, is no pre amp outs
  • Speaker cable: Gear It cables
    • Price: 12.00-22.00 depending on length
    • work great, cheap
  • Turntable: Music Hall MMF1.3
    • Price: 399.99
    • full manual
    • built in phono stage
    • belt drive
    • clean appearance

We have upgraded your system quite a bit over the previous set up. I think the mvp in this list is the turntable if you are into vinyl, the belt drive set up will reduce noise quite a bit.

In the next post we will cover a Budget of 5000$

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