Big budget, bigger sound


what can you get for your money

If you have 5000 dollars burning a hole in your pocket and you’re an audiophile what do you do? Well let us help you spend that cash. With this budget we will be upgrading everything in the list, giving you an amazing system. While $5000 sounds like a lot, in the world of HIFi that can still be a low budget build.


  • Amp- Marantz PM8006
    • Price – 1199.99
    • more fine tuning over PM5005
    • Dedicated phono stage
    • preamp outs
    • 100 watts at 4 ohms, over the PM5005 55 watts
  • Speakers: Bowers & Wilkins 704 S2
    • price 1249.99 each
    • 3 way design
    • bi-wire or bi amp
    • 88db sensitivity
    • 48Hz-28,000Hz range
  • Speaker cable: AudioQuest Type 4
    • Price: 611.95 (for 4 cables)
      • priced for a biwire/amp set up
    • Quality construction
    • Solid banana plugs
    • 4 conductors in each channel

With 5000 dollars spent you will have an amazing system put together. We have upgraded every component from the 1000 dollar list, with some serious pieces. Once you have everything home, next is set up. Don’t let a poor room set up ruin the potential of your system, head over to our room setup diy to see more on this.

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